Any waste produced in the course of trade or business is classed as business waste and as such arrangements for its collection or disposal should be made with a licensed waste contractor.

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Collection service

For all commercial waste enquiries:

*Please be aware that the community hubs can no longer take cash payments. Payments can be made via card or cheque.

We operate a commercial wheeled bin collection service in Monmouthshire. The service is for general refuse only. Please be aware that any specific waste, for example, oil, clinical waste, or building rubble must instead be removed by a specialist contractor.

Wheeled bins have a benefit over business waste sacks in that the refuse is held in an enclosed container until the time of collection; controlling problems of spillage, windblown litter, and disturbances caused by animals. The containers are mounted on wheels (lockable on the larger containers) making the bins easy to manoeuvre even when full.


New charges as of 1st April 2018

Wheeled bin collection

The prices shown in the table below are on a ‘cost per lift’ basis, administration, collection and disposal costs are included:

Bin Size (Litres) Bin Specification (mm) Cost per Lift
1100 Litres (holds 18-20 refuse sacks) 1250 x 1370 x 980 £23.11
660 Litres (holds 10-12 refuse sacks) 1250 x 1310 x 720 £17.55
360 Litres (holds 4-5 refuse sacks) 880 x 665 x 1100 £14.71
240 Litres (holds 3-4 refuse sacks) 1062 x 573 x 715 £11.66


To comply with the legislative duty to produce a Duty of Care Transfer Note, we will now be charging an annual fee of £25.63 per customer.

On signing a contract you will also be required to pay a bond, the amount of which will relate to the number of bins and lifts per week that you have. The bond will be returned in full when the contract ends, providing the account is paid in full and bins are returned undamaged.

The customer will always be billed three months in advance, or to the start of the next billing period if you are new to the service.

Business waste collection

For commercial customers that do not produce enough waste to warrant having a wheeled bin, or who do not have a site suitable to house a wheeled bin, we have a business waste sack collection available.

Sacks are available to purchase for, £2.56 each, from the Community Hubs.

The service is for general rubbish only. Please be aware that any specific waste, for example, oil, clinical waste, or building rubble must instead be removed by a specialist contractor.

In order to use the business sack collection service you must register at the Community Hubs.

Business recycling collection

Most waste can be recycled within the business red and purple bags which will save you money compared to rubbish disposal. Business recycling bags cost £16 for a roll of 26 bags. You can register and purchase bags from the Community Hubs.

You can recycle your cardboard by purchasing our cardboard recycling tape (£6.15 per roll of tape). Just wrap a bundle of cardboard in the recycling tape.

Click here for the leaflet of what goes in the red and purple bags


Alternative Disposal

Facilities are available at Llanfoist and Five Lanes for the disposal of business waste.  This waste is chargeable and must be weighed in over the weighbridge.

Contact: Llanfoist: 01873 854604 Five Lanes: 01633 400013

Other licensed waste contractors can be found on the internet or in the Yellow Pages.