Deri View Special Needs Resource Base

Monmouthshire County Council’s cabinet considered the content of the consultation report and agreed on the 13th April 2016 not to proceed with the proposal to close Deri View Special Needs Resource Base at this time, but would fully consider the place of the SNRB within a wider review of our Additional Learning Needs and Inclusion Services across the County and the South East Wales Region.

Consultation Report

Consultation Document _ Deri View Primary School  Resource Base  Closure

The following frequently asked questions have been prepared in relation to the proposal.


Future Generations Evaluation Form

This proposal is part of the 2016/17 Budget Mandates.  Mandates have to take into consideration the impact the changes will have on our communities and how the proposal fits in with the Future Generations Act and the protected characteristics of the Equalities Act 2010.

Deri View ALN Resource Base Proposed Closure_ Future Generations Evaluation

Deri View ALN Resource Base  Closure_ Future Generations Form cym