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Our Bullying Prevention Strategy, supported by Monmouthshire Children and Young People’s Partnership, aims to encourage development of an environment where children and young people are less likely to be bullied.

We all have a role to play in creating an environment and climate in which children and young people feel safe and valued, and in which bullying cannot flourish. Further guidance on tackling bullying in schools is available from the Welsh Assembly “Respecting others“.

Monmouthshire Bullying Prevention Group

The Bullying Prevention Group is working to improve the understanding of what bullying is amongst children, young people, professionals and parents/carer. The group has worked with Communities First and groups of children and young people to create two information leaflets, using the Monmouthshire definition of bullying:

‘A persistent, deliberate attempt to hurt or humiliate someone and often involves an imbalance of power where a person or group of people repeatedly and intentionally cause emotional and/or physical harm to another person or group of people.’

The leaflets ‘How to stay safe and and stay happy’ are designed for children and young people. Please see below to download them: