Where we work 

  • We have play therapists based in primary schools throughout Monmouthshire, and in community settings where appropriate. 
  • Support via Telephone / Video. (The online platforms we use are secure and confidential). 

How we can help 

Play Therapy offers your child support and will help them understand the things they have experienced and the way they feel about them. The child may do this by re-enacting or playing out tricky experiences or difficult thoughts. This can help them make sense of their thoughts and feelings. 

Play therapy offers a safe space in which children can explore and express their feelings and experiences. This promotes resilience within each child to enable them to work through and discover a more hopeful view of their world. 

In play therapy children are accepted for who they are and what they bring. 

It can be helpful to see a play therapist both long term and short term. Every child is different therefore this can be decided together. 

About our team 

All our Play Therapists are accredited and registered members of the British Association of Play Therapists (BAPT). This means they follow a professional code of ethics and follow good practice guidelines set by this professional body. 


Child Leaflet PDF 

Professionals Leaflet PDF