The Deposit RLDP will be submitted to the Welsh Government for independent Examination. This will be the plan that we consider to be ‘sound’.

The Examination will be carried out by an Independent Inspector appointed by the Planning Inspectorate. The aim of the Examination is to ensure that the RLDP has been prepared in accordance with procedural requirements, and, to determine whether the RLDP is ‘sound’, including ensuring that that the views of all of those who have commented throughout the process have been considered.

The procedural requirements ensure that the RLDP has been prepared in line with the Delivery Agreement (including the Community Involvement Scheme), the Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment and the Habitats Regulations Assessment. 

The RLDP will be considered against the three ‘tests of soundness’:

  • Does the Plan fit?
  • Is the Plan appropriate?
  • Will the Plan deliver?

The Examination will include hearings in public, with all objectors having the right to be heard by the Inspector, although the way in which they are heard is up to the Inspector.