Issues, Vision and Objectives

The Issues, Vision and Objectives Paper (January 2019, as amended June 2019) is available to view here. This paper identifies the key issues, challenges and drivers facing the County together with the RLDP draft Vision and Objectives.

RLDP Review of Issues, Vision, Objectives and Evidence Base in light of Covid-19

review of the RLDP Issues, Vision, Objectives and Evidence Base (September 2020) has been undertaken in response to a letter from the Minister for Housing and Local Government in July 2020 which required Local Planning Authorities to undertake an assessment of the RLDP evidence base, strategy and policies in terms of sensitivity to the consequences of the current pandemic before progressing with Plan preparation.

The review concludes that the Plan’s Issues, Vision and Objectives remain relevant in light of Covid-19 and that it is appropriate to continue with the preparation with the RLDP using these as a foundation.  However, given the need to revisit the Growth and Spatial Options and Preferred Strategy stages of the RLDP process as a consequence of the corrected Welsh Government 2018 – based population and household projections, the spatial element of the Vision will be reviewed alongside the preparation of the Preferred Strategy.

The review also found that the evidence base remains relevant or is at a stage in its preparation that allows for the impacts of Covid-19 to be considered further as the Plan progresses towards the preparation of the revised Preferred Strategy and the detailed policies of the Deposit Plan. 

This Review was agreed by Council on 22 October 2020 and submitted to the Welsh Government in accordance with Ministerial advice.