Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP) Delivery Agreement

The Delivery Agreement contains a timetable for the preparation and delivery of the RLDP and includes a Community Involvement Scheme which sets out how members of the public and other interested groups can contribute to the preparation of the RLDP.

Revised Delivery Agreement

The RLDP Delivery Agreement was first approved by Welsh Government on 14th May 2018. However, progress on the preparation of the RLDP has not proceeded as quickly as envisaged in the original Delivery Agreement. A Revised Delivery Agreement was approved by the Welsh Government on 6th March 2020. This amended the Plan’s timetable to reflect the delays incurred up to the Preferred Strategy (March 2020) stage of the RLDP process. 

Subsequent to this, a number of other factors have resulted in further inevitable delays to the preparation of the RLDP, including the Covid-19 pandemic and publication of the corrected Welsh Government (WG) 2018- based population and household projections in August 2020.  This has resulted in the need to revisit the Growth and Spatial Options and Preferred Strategy stages of the RLDP process. These unavoidable delays have necessitated a further revision to the RLDP Delivery Agreement . A Revised Delivery Agreement (October 2020) has therefore been prepared which sets out a revised RLDP timetable, including the dates for the following key stages of the RLDP process:

  • RLDP Growth and Spatial Options Non-statutory Consultation: January 2021-February 2021
  • RLDP Preferred Strategy Consultation and Second Call for Candidate Sites: June-July 2021
  • RLDP Deposit Consultation: July-September 2022
  • RLDP Submission for Examination: early 2023
  • RLDP Adoption: Late 2023

The Community Involvement Scheme (CIS) has also been reviewed and adjusted in line with the Coronavirus Regulations (2020) and recent Ministerial advice to reflect social distancing and other measures. The Revised Delivery Agreement (October 2020)  was agreed by Welsh Government on 30th October 2020.