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Here’s the truth behind some popular parking myths:

  • Our civil enforcement officers do not get bonuses for issuing tickets. They are paid a salary.
  • Double yellow lines with double kerb ticks means no waiting at any time. You can, however, stop to let passengers in or out of your vehicle. This includes coaches.
  • Blue badges do not allow the user to park in a loading bay or close to a junction.
  • When parked in a loading bay you have to be actively loading. If you have to put items away, you must move your vehicle to a legal parking space.
  • You can be issued with a penalty charge notice at night, on Sundays and on bank holidays.
  • Blue badge users can park for up to three hours on a single or double yellow line where there are no kerb ticks in operation. A parking clock with the correct time of arrival must be displayed.
  • You cannot park illegally to talk on the phone, go to the toilet, pop to the bank or buy your lunch.
  • Our civil enforcement officers record all vehicle registrations when checking a time-limited parking area. They will only issue a fine if your vehicle breaches the time restrictions.
  • No new restrictions were put in place when we took over civil parking enforcement from the police.