Monmouthshire County Council is seeking the views of residents and others to help inform their Local Toilet Strategy. The council is required to publish the report by 31st May 2019 due to the Public Health (Wales) Act 2017.

The Act aims to address a number of specific public health concerns, and to create social conditions that are conducive to good health and includes the provision of toilets for public use. Each local authority in Wales is required to prepare and publish a local toilets strategy for its area.

The strategy must include an assessment of the provision and accessibility of toilets across the county, including changing facilities for babies and changing places facilities for disabled people. The views of residents, and other interested parties, are essential and will help to ascertain the level of provision which currently exists and help inform the councils plan for the future.

The Act does not place a duty on local authorities to provide or maintain public toilets. In Monmouthshire a large proportion of public toilets are provided by Town and Community Councils.

As well as traditional public toilet blocks, the public are able to access other Council facilities, including leisure centres and libraries, together with privately available toilets, in restaurants, supermarkets and public houses.

Monmouthshire Local Toilet Survey Consultation 

A public opinion survey took place from 19th December 2018 to 11th January 2019. Thank you to those who took part in the public survey. The info from this survey will be used to inform the Monmouthshire Local Toilet Strategy.

An evaluation of the Local Toilet survey is below:

Monmouthshire Toilet Survey  

A mapping exercise has also taken place of the toilets in Monmouthshire, the link below lists all the toilets in Monmouthshire.

Monmouthshire Toilet Mapping

Monmouthshire County Council Draft Local Toilet Strategy

The strategy sets out recommendations to take forward over the next two years in order to improve the provision of local toilets.

Read the draft strategy: Monmouthshire Draft Toilets Strategy Feb 2019 

Please share your thoughts on the recommendations in the survey by taking our short survey:

Local Toilet Strategy Consultation Survey  

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