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What is Active Travel (Walking & Cycling)

Active Travel is a term used to describe walking and cycling to replace car travel in order to get to a destination (also called “purposeful journeys”). It does not cover walking and cycling done purely for pleasure although it could significantly enhance leisure activities by helping link up networks. It is where a person, will, for instance, walk or cycle to get to their jobs, shops, school, go out to a place of leisure, or go to the station to catch a train.

Why is Active Travel important (Walking & Cycling)

There are huge benefits in encouraging greater levels of Active Travel. Including walking and cycling in your normal daily routine is an excellent way to improve your health and wellbeing. When compared to driving it can also save you money on fuel and parking costs; cycling can even reduce travel time to work not being stuck on busy roads. Also Active Travel will help reduce traffic levels, and thus decrease air pollution, noise and climate change emissions.

What has been achieved recently

Active Travel funding comes from Welsh Government in the form of a small grant and a competitive bidding process for larger schemes.

In 2021 Monmouthshire achieved significant success in their bids to undertake  work in Caldicot and Monmouth and Abergavenny.  Click HERE for further information

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