Support for bereaved families

Crisis support workers

We take our responsibility to care for the community at the time of a major incident very seriously.  For example we provide training and exercise opportunities to ensure appropriate staff are fully prepared for their emergency roles.

When, at the time of a major incident, Police Family Liaison Officers (FLOs) are sent to bereaved local families, we are one of a number of UK authorities that has trained staff, called Crisis Support Workers (CSWs), to work alongside them.

CSWs have been specifically trained to work in these particular and demanding circumstances, providing a number of key benefits:

  • the CSW can give clear and accurate information to assist the family in identifying and addressing its practical, emotional and psychological needs
  • the CSW can then either help directly, or connect the family to other appropriate persons, agencies and organisations
  • working with the CSW makes it easier for the police FLO to concentrate more fully on his/her investigative role