The key to Monmouthshire being a successful and vibrant place lies in its communities.   Public services are facing huge challenges and won’t be able to keep delivering the same services in the same way. The local authority does not have all the answers to the challenges we face and we must make it easier for communities to come together to help shape the solutions.

We always value conversations with local people and businesses.  Our Monmouthshire Engages events and roadshows have been taking place each autumn and winter for the past few years, we’ve supported Made Open to create a space where they can continue throughout the year.  It’s a site where people can raise challenges which can be solved by communities working together. Challenges can be set at street, school, village, town or county level.  People can then start projects and request volunteers, resources or funding to get them off the ground.  Monmouthshire is a county where many people are willing to give their time, skills and energy to things that matter locally.  Made Open is a place which can help to make that happen.

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