The strain caused by money worries can have serious effects on a person’s mental health – and poor mental health can also make it harder to make good decisions about pressures in your life, potentially making money worries worse.  Getting some early help before the stress becomes too much to cope with can be good for both your mental health and your finances.  Below are some of the places that you can turn to locally that can provide help and support.

Mind Monmouthshire:

Mind Monmouthshire asks: “Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, worried, are your emotions up and down?  Mind Monmouthshire are here to support you and your wellbeing.”  Mind Monmouthshire offers a confidential and friendly service including information, advice or someone to talk to about how you feel.  Benefits advice, including help to make new claims. A paid for counselling service. Virtual Zoom wellbeing groups and Active Monitoring guided self help.  The charity also offers Tenancy support and a Farmers’ Project to support the rural community.

01873 858275 Text 07950 889415

Counselling for those affected by the pandemic in Monmouthshire

Established by a local community group, offering subsidised counselling to those in Monmouthshire impacted by Covid 19. Whether that’s due to direct impact by having had it themselves, or bereavement due to Covid19, or even conditions such as anxiety and depression exacerbated by the impact of lockdown. We have highly qualified and insured therapists ready to work online with clients. Some face to face appointments may be available too.  To apply for therapy please use this link: or for more information please email:

Basecamp – Counselling

‘Basecamp’ is an organisation based in Chepstow which provides free face to face and affordable online counselling to anyone in Monmouthshire from the age of 16 upwards.  Everyone who wants to use the service can self-refer. We welcome enquiries from anyone.

For more information visit: 

Or you can contact Basecamp on 07838255046 or through 

COVID-19 Helping Groups:   

All over Monmouthshire local communities have come together to help people who have been struggling because of COVID-19 and the effects of lockdown.  Many of these groups can help people who are feeling lonely or isolated by providing a regular phone call from someone in the local neighbourhood or finding other ways to help people become involved in the work of the local group.  To find out about your local group contact: or phone 01633 644496

Community Connections: 

Community Connections befriending scheme can support people throughout Monmouthshire who are experiencing feelings of loneliness.  The team can offer friendly phone call for people of all ages who may be feeling isolated and would appreciate a friendly chat.