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Empty Homes Grants

Grants of up to £25,000 are available to renovate empty properties to make them safe to live in and improve their energy efficiency.

The grant is available in instalments as the work is undertaken. A minimum 15% contribution is required from the applicant.

Local authorities, Registered Social Landlords and Community Housing Groups are also able to apply for funding.


Anyone can apply for a grant, however, in order to qualify:

  • the property must have been registered with the local authority as empty for a minimum of 12 months;
  • the property must be owned, or in the process of being purchased, by the applicant at the time of application; and
  • if successful, the applicant must live in the property for a minimum of 5 years post completion of the works as their main and only residence.

How to apply

Apply for an empty homes grant (click to view).

Or contact Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council who are delivering the scheme on behalf of Monmouthshire County Council and Welsh Government.

Telephone: 01443 494712

Home Improvement Loan Scheme

Monmouthshire County Council is able to offer financial assistance to property owners through Welsh Government loan initiatives.

Loan amounts from £1,000 – £20,000 can be borrowed interest free.

All loans will be subject to a title deed restriction registered with HM Land Registry.

Monmouthshire County Council currently offer three interest free loan products:

1). Owner / Occupiers Loan

Offered to property owners with a repayment term depended on the end use of the property, that is,

If the owner intends to occupy the property after refurbishment the term is up to 9 years.

If the owner does not intend to occupy – up to 5 years.

Loans can be paid off in full, before that time, without incurring additional costs.

2). Landlord / Developer Loan

Loans amounts from (£1,000 – £20,000 per property up to a maximum of 10 properties – £200K

Offered to developers that purchase empty properties to bring back them back into use. Repayment terms will depend upon the end use of the refurbished property:

If the property is being sold after refurbishment the term is 2 years

If the property is going to be for rental at market rents the term is 5 years.

If the property is going to be for rental at LHA rates and the Council has nomination rights the term is 9 years.

3) Property Appreciation Loans (PAL’s)

Loan amounts available from £1,000 to £20,000 available to those applicants considered ‘at risk’ or vulnerable to the cold.

Fees are charged for the administration of the loan application. Please refer to the Guidance documents of the loan product you are interested in for the applicable fee.

How to apply

Apply for the Home Improvement Loans

Or contact Robert Owen Community Banking who are delivering the scheme on behalf of Monmouthshire County Council and Welsh Government.

For more information visit:

Telephone: 01686 626234