If you are homeless or have been asked to leave where you are living, Monmouthshire County Council has a legal duty to give you advice and assistance. The law which governs all our decisions is the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 in particular the following sections;

  • Section 60 – Duty to provide advice and assistance
  • Section 66 – Duty to help to prevent homelessness
  • Section 68 – Interim duty to secure accommodation for homeless applicants who are in priority need.
  • Section 73 – Duty to help to secure suitable accommodation
  • Section 75 – Duty to provide settled accommodation (where applicant qualifies)
  • Section 78 – Deciding to have regard to Intentionality (click here for Monmouthshire Count Councils decision on intentionality)

The Act states that you are homeless if you have no accommodation available to you in the United Kingdom or elsewhere or if you have accommodation available to you but:

  • It is not reasonable for you to live there with the people who would normally live with you as members of your family. This includes partners, children and carers.
  • You are not legally entitled to occupy the property because you have had a court order requiring you to leave, or you are a tenant with no right to remain where you are.
  • Your accommodation is not reasonable for you to occupy. For example, it is in poor physical condition and is beyond reasonable repair, or you cannot get it repaired for a good reason.
  • You are at risk from violence in the property

If you find yourself in the situation where you have become homeless or are due to become homeless, you should contact the Housing Options Team as soon as possible through any of the Community Hubs. If you require out of hours assistance, contact (01633) 644644.

The Housing Options Team can offer advice and assistance with the following issues:

You will be required to complete a homeless assessment and asked to provide information and documentation which will help us to decide whether you are eligible and threatened with or are homeless (click here).  As part of the assessment the Housing Options Team will provide you with a personal housing plan (PHP) setting out your options.

The Housing Options Team can also signpost you to other agencies that can help you resolve your housing problems.

Where possible the Housing Options Team will help prevent you from becoming homeless, this could involve working with you to keep you in your existing home or find you alternative accommodation and depending on your circumstances and eligibility, they can offer you temporary accommodation. However, there is no duty to provide accommodation for everyone and it is not always possible for them to help you in the way that you would like.  Please click here for a summary of the tests applied to determine whether the Council has a duty to provide interim accommodation.

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For independent advice you can contact the following organisations: