This page gives you more help to complete your application.

Ecology and landscape

The following documents will help clarify when protected species surveys and further information may be required.

Design and Access Statement

A Design and Access Statement (DAS) is not part of a planning application but is required by law to accompany most types of planning applications and all applications for listed building consent.

A DAS explains how an application proposal takes into account the objectives of good design and considers ‘inclusive’ access issues (i.e. access for all users of land and buildings regardless of age, ability, gender, and so on).

Welsh Assembly Government advice on how to prepare a DAS is set out in TAN12 Guidance on Design and Access Statements.

Sustainable homes

Planning Policy Wales (PPW) contains national planning policy on sustainable buildings. This sets out expectations for planning applications for new buildings to achieve a minimum sustainable building standard, and within that a minimum carbon emission level.

For new-build residential developments the sustainable building standard is the Code for Sustainable Homes. For commercial buildings the standard isĀ Building Research Establishment Method Scheme (BREEAM).

Parking Standards

Our Planning Guidance Parking Standards provides advice on the design and size of parking areas depending on the nature and location of new development.

Domestic Garages Standards provides guidance on the size of domestic garages in residential developments.