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Supporting people offers vulnerable people the opportunity to improve their quality of life, by providing a stable environment, which enables greater independence.

Supporting people can help a wide range of people with different needs. They might need support because they’re young and at risk, or an older person who needs help paying for their alarm and scheme co-ordinator bills. They could have a physical, sensory or learning disability, they could even be homeless or have a drug problem.

Help to live independently

There are many reasons why it can sometimes be difficult to find accommodation, or why it can be difficult to keep the accommodation you are already in.

Housing support can give you the help you need to address your housing problems such as:

  • Help to set up and run your own home – setting up your gas and electric suppliers, managing your debts and rent arrears, or managing your money and claiming benefits, and understanding your responsibilities as a tenant.
  • Making the most of the area you live in- helping you to look for employment, training, education or leisure opportunities.
  • Putting you in touch with extra help – you can receive support to find other services that can help you with for example, drug and alcohol issues, mental health problems. Support workers can also help you to contact other organisations and support groups.
  • If you are experiencing issues relating to Domestic Abuse, and need urgent support, please contact the All Wales Domestic and sexual abuse helpline 0808 80 10 800 – 24 hour support for all victims.

How does the support work?

You will be assessed by staff from the Housing Support Team who will then be able to make arrangements for you to receive regular visits from a support worker. The support worker will talk through any problems with you and together you will agree a support plan that tells you what to expect and how often they’ll visit.

Our aim is to help you to overcome the problems that have badly affected your housing in the past, and to enable you to live independently in the future.

How to apply for support

If you would like to apply for Housing Support, either for yourself or on behalf of someone, you can either: