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Monmouthshire Govtech Challenge – Jon Hazell, Innovate UK

Monmouthshire GovTech Challenge – Breandan Knowlton, GDS

Monmouthshire Govtech Challenge – Cath Fallon and Matthew Gatehouse, Monmouthshire County Council


Frequently Asked Questions:

To assist in information sharing and openness, this FAQ page has been created to share questions that have been posed and the corresponding answers/links to information. We will be updating this over the course of the application period.

Would a proposal have to be delivered within the Monmouthshire area?
Proposals do need to demonstrate how they will involve potential users of the final service/product in the Monmouthshire area in the research and development of the project. Appreciate that some of those potential solutions may be something that would be accessed remotely but it would need to be demonstrated how you would research how this could feasibly work in the Monmouthshire area, taking into account our issues around digital deprivation (both in terms of skills and broadband access).

Are there specific reports on care needs and social isolation / digital exclusion we should be aware of and can be shared?

Our Wellbeing Assessment

Population Needs Assessment

Monmouthshire Rural Transport Study

Do tech solution needs to be bi-lingual?
It hasn’t been stated as a specific criteria that the solution needs to be bi-lingual. It would be beneficial if there was the scope to make it bi-lingual in the future and if this could be considered through the Phase 1 R&D but this won’t from part of the scoring/assessment criteria.

Does Monmouthshire currently have real time bus information system, if so is this obtained via an app or display screens 
No, we don’t currently have a real time bus information system operating in Monmouthshire. Our buses have been fitted with trackers so it could be entirely possible in terms of having that live data but there isn’t anything as yet. In terms of journey planning, the Traveline Cymru journey planner would cover some of the main routes for buses in Monmouthshire but this wouldnt cover other forms of transport such our Grass Routes service and community run transport provisions. Bus timetables are in pdf format, accessible via the website or through the MyMonnouthshire app.

Currently how many bus operator are there in Monmouthshire & could you share who they are?
There is some information with regards to bus providers within the rural transport study report Page 22 contains info about the bus operators covering the Monmouthshire area.

Could you clarify if companies based outside of Wales could apply for this funding to trial and develop products to Monmouthshire residents?
Applications are welcomed from companies from any location. There is however a requirement that any business that applies is able to work with end users and test potential solutions in Monmouthshire to ensure that any potential solution is viable within the Monmouthshire rural context.

Is there a factual view for Broadband from the council that could be accessed to help to balance the picture portrayed by local business and the main provider (hot spots / not spots etc.)?
Superfast Cymru rollout phase one left approximately 8,000 Monmouthshire premises with inadequate broadband speeds. This figure may well be higher. The Open Market Review data set for Monmouthshire can be accessed under an NDA with a request to

Has the Council piloted any social isolation / digital exclusion projects to date and are there any reported findings?
Our Social Care and Health Chief Officer report (2017) details some of the work that our Social Care and Health teams do to reduce social isolation.
Under the previous RDP programme, circa five years ago, five communities in the county accessed capital funds to get a connection speed circa 10Mb/s (better than most today). Both AB Internet (defunct) and Spectrum Internet supplied the infrastructure some of which is still in use today.

Aside from Monmouthshire befriending, does the council have a register of local volunteering organisations we could access to make an informed choice on who to use e.. already registered for safeguarding etc?
We don’t have a register but the Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations (GAVO) may be able to help. may also be a useful point to access information around volunteering organisation.

Is there a Day Centre, GP surgery or similar contact point the Council would specifically wish to use as a focal point for the most isolated / challenging cases?
No specific contact point has been identified.

Is there an order of priorities ?
We can confirm that there is not an order of priorities for the three parts of the challenge. We hope that each of those three parts of the challenge will contribute to tackling loneliness and equally welcome all applications that address any of those three parts.

Is there any data available on movements that could be shared and/or the costs associated with the current service provision addressing this need?
In terms of data of movements, there is some information relating to this within the Rural Transport Study and  and additional data is available via 2011 Census data. Budget data for our transport service is available via StatsWales