Our team will continue to support and guide you now you are a foster carer:

  • Social worker – Your social worker will visit you regularly, join you at different meetings and support you with the children placed in your care.
  • BASE – Therapeutic Service 

    You will also have access to our in house therapeutic service Base; this stands for Building Attachments, Security and Emotional Wellbeing. The team offers foster carers psychological consultation to help them understand their child and the experiences they have been through, support with therapeutic parenting, placement planning and placement move meetings and individual tailored interventions for children and young people. They can also support you in your own development and learning as a foster carer either through individual sessions or joint work with the child you are caring for.

    Find out more about BASE here

  • Training – Your social worker will continuously provide advice about how to develop new skills and will recommend relevant training courses. We will provide a comprehensive training programme.
  • Support groups – You will be invited to attend Monmouthshire’s regular support groups, to hear guest speakers and meet other foster carers. As a foster carer you will automatically be enrolled as a member of The Fostering Network. Foster carers will also have access to Yammer, which is a platform for safe on line communication  between our foster carers and members of the Fostering Team.


  • Discounts – Different discount schemes are available to enable you and your foster children to pay reduced entrance fees to some of the local and national attractions.
  • Allowance – You will receive a weekly maintenance allowance that covers the cost of caring for a fostered child. This amount is set in accordance with the Welsh Government guidance.
  • Fee – You will also receive a weekly fee in recognition of your time, skills and experience. This amount is set by Monmouthshire
  • Payments and allowances

Click here to view the Fostering Allowances & Skills Payments page

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