Fast Track Service Application Services

There may be occasions when you require a quicker decision on your planning application or lawful development certificate eg. you may have builders on stand-by or scheduled to start work, maybe a contractual arrangement, maybe conducting a purchase on a property, selling a property and want confirmation on the status of previous development or perhaps you simply want your application dealt with as quickly as possible.

We now offer a Fast Track service for Householder applications and Lawful Development Certificates (LDCs) (existing and proposed). The Fast Track service will accelerate the administration and processing of your householder or LDC application for a small additional charge. We will fast track your Householder applications to be determined within 28 days following the submission of a valid application and LDCs would be determined within 10 working days following the submission of a valid application. In the unlikely event of us not being able to achieve this target we will refund the fast track element of the fee.
The use of the Fast Track service does not affect the merits of the development proposal. You may also be interested in our pre-application advice service which will ensure that any potential problems which could results in delays are addressed before you submit your application.

How do I use the service?
Information on the Fast Track Service can be found: – Fast Track Services Guidance Notes

If you wish to use this service please the complete Fast Track Service Application Form along with the standard Householder planning application form or Lawful Development Certificate Existing or Proposed
You can also use the online planning application submission service at If you use this facility, please attach your Fast Track application form as a ‘Supporting Document’.

Payment for the Fast Track service can be made at the same time as the statutory application fee. NOTE: the Planning Portal only calculates the statutory fees.
To make a payment:-
• via cheque –payable to Monmouthshire County Council and send to Monmouthshire County Council, County Hall, Rhadyr, Usk NP15 1GA
• over the telephone – 01633 644880

Contact us
If you have any questions or wish to make a payment please contact the planning team on 01633 644831 or 01633 644880 or by email to