What type of Parking Permits do you offer?

We offer the following parking permit schemes to the public: 

  • Resident Permit
  • Long Stay Season Permit
  • Short Stay Season Permit 
  • Car Park Specific Season Permit (Only eligible to Car Parks with the one off daily charge of  £1.50)

For more information please visit our webpage – Click here to view information on parking permits

I no longer require my parking permit, can I get a refund?

We only issue refunds on our Long Stay and Short Stay Season permits, all other permit schemes are not eligible for a refund this is stated in our guidance notes. To enable us to process a refund, we will require the permit to be sent back to us along with a letter to request a refund. A refund is calculated on the number of days left on the permit when received. Please note a £20.00 administrative charge will be applied for this request, this will be deducted from the remaining amount. 

Can I apply for 2 resident permits?

Our Resident Permit policy states that we can only issue 1 resident permit per household. This is due to the council having a number of allocations and limited availability. Unfortunately we cannot provide all residents with parking. However if you have multiple vehicles, we do offer season permit schemes that can be purchased. 

Can I change the allocation I have been given on my resident permit?

If the applicant is successful they will be permitted to park in the allocation given which is dependent on the applicants address. Therefore we cannot change the allocation that has been given on the resident permit. 

What documentation do I need to submit for a Resident Permit?

We require the following documentation to be provided by the applicant – Proof of Residence i.e. Utility Bill, Tenancy agreement or Council Tax Form and Proof of Ownership of the vehicle (to confirm that the vehicle is registered to the address) i.e. up to date V5 document, Bill of Sale or Hire Agreement. 

What makes you eligible for a resident permit?

If you live in an area with “On Street” parking restrictions in place and have no off street parking facilities with your property. Or you are in close proximity to a Pay and Display Car Park you may be eligible for a residents parking permit where applicable this is dependent on availability. 

I have a long stay season permit; can I park in a short stay car park?

Our Long Stay Season Permits will only permit you to park in Monmouthshire County Council’s Long Stay Pay and Display Car Parks in Abergavenny, Chepstow and Monmouth. This permit does not allow you to park in our Short Stay Car Parks. However you can purchase our Short Stay Season Permit, which will allow you to park in both our Short Stay and Long Stay Car Parks. 

I have recently changed my vehicle, how can I change this information on my permit?

If you require your vehicle details to be changed on your permit, please email carparking@monmouthshire.gov.uk where we will be able to inform you of the process.

Am I guaranteed a Resident Permit?

Unfortunately you are not guaranteed a resident permit; this could be due to the applicant being ineligible and allocations having limited availability. If you find that your application is unsuccessful due to availability, we will inform you when a space does become available. Our allocations are regularly monitored.   

I have not been notified that my permit is up for renewal? What do I do?

It is the permit holders’ responsibility to renew their permit; it is advisable that you renew your permit at least 14 days before the expiry. 

You can renew your permit up to a month in advance from the expiry date.

How do I apply for a Parking permit? 

You can apply for a parking permit online via our My Monmouthshire app platform

How much is a parking permit? 

Click here to view information on parking permits