Compass is a project funded through the Youth Support Grant, their aim is to prevent youth homelessness in Monmouthshire by providing support, guidance & direction for 11-25 year olds with:

  • Homelessness prevention
  • Homing transition
  • Pre-tenancy support
  • Independent living skills
  • Managing finances
  • Personal and emotional well-being
  • Mentoring
  • Employment support

The project offers support to vulnerable young people who find themselves in difficult situations that may leave them particularly at risk of becoming homeless in the future or currently are.

Through working with and signposting to other agencies the programme is able to facilitate access to develop and maintain positive family and other relationships, as well as signposting those in need of mental and emotional support to properly support the young people into reliable accommodation.

The programme’s Youth Homelessness workers are available at Secondary Schools, Hostels, Job Centres and Community Hubs/Libraries throughout Monmouthshire.

Just contact the programme here to make an appointment or ask at any of the above for more information.