Apprentices, Graduates and Interns (AGI) are an asset to any organisation and can bring significant benefits to the business and existing workforce. The AGI Strategy is in place to help develop and support more apprenticeships, graduate jobs and internship opportunities across the local authority.

Gareth James is the Apprentice, Graduate & Intern (AGI) Coordinator, responsible for monitoring and supporting the delivery of the AGI Strategy and action plan.

We need your help to identify more service areas where we can provide valuable experience and opportunities for apprentices.

We hope to:

  • Support identification and creation of apprentice, graduate and intern opportunities across the organisation to support current and future skills needs.
  • Ensure they are supported, and have a positive experience in a good working environment.
  • Increase access to high level and more diverse training opportunities for new and existing employees and promote the value of apprentice, graduate and intern recruitment opportunities within the local authority whilst improving access, equality and equity of opportunities for under-represented groups including Looked After Children and Care Leavers.

The variety of apprenticeship posts within the council at present is limited and tend to be in the fields of business administration, information technology and teaching assistants. We need to create opportunities to increase a wider range of opportunities.

If any service managers have opportunities that they would like to discuss please drop Gareth an email:

Please see the documents below for guidance on how the strategy is to be delivered:

AGI Toolkit

Apprentice, Graduate and Intern Strategy 2019-22

Each year as part of Apprentice Week Wales we as a council take part in celebrating the positive impact apprenticeships have on individuals, businesses and the economy. You can see how we’ve celebrated here.