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I’m Matt and I’m responsible for human resources and legal services. I want to bring an employment lawyer into the team because I think that the right person will be able to make a significant contribution across the organisation.

Let’s focus on what I can give you. If it sounds of interest then we’ll have a discussion and tailor a role to your needs and ambitions.

I came from a non-local government background and I’ve loved it. Since then I’ve taken lawyers and HR business partners from all sorts of backgrounds and specialisations and seen them not just find their place but thrive here. You don’t need to take my word for it – I’ll put you in touch with anyone you want.

Even before Covid, we provided an agile and trusting workplace. You get a phone and a laptop, a great team to bounce off and seek support from, and then you work where and when suits your life – one size doesn’t fit all.

You’ll be the only person in the organisation capable of doing what you do, so you’ll get listened to. You’ll get to do the professional lawyer stuff like getting involved in ETs, TUPE, negotiations etc. but you’ll also act in a wider capacity to make sure our people can be brilliant.

Want to immerse yourself in a modern, well-resourced and happy legal team? Great. Prefer to sit with our professional, lovely HR team? No probs. We’ll fit you in where you’re comfortable and can make a difference.

Please don’t get too wrapped up in the technical detail set out here, but focus on the discussion offer – for example, it says 37 hours per week; but if you’re in the market for 30, or want to fit the role to certain days/times then we’ll discuss it – nothing is off limits.

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Contact Us

If you’re good enough to get an interview then we’ll ask a load of questions of you then, but I think it’s important that you get a chance to ask a few question of us first so if you’re interested, unsure or downright confused, get in touch with me via, or tweet me @MattPhillipsMCC or our Head of HR , or tweet @SallyThomas20.

What’s it Like Here?

If you wish to apply then please contact Matt or Sally for a chat. Applications will require a covering letter and a CV. The deadline for applications is midday 9th July. Appointment to this post is subject to a standard disclosure check.  All posts are open to job-share.

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