Catchment areas are subject to review.

The Council has recently made some changes to Secondary School Catchment areas which will be implemented from September 2020.  Please take some time to view the changes to catchment areas to see whether you have been affected.

The details provided in the following page are intended as guidance only and the Schools Service is not bound by any data given.

When viewing the information the following should be taken into account:

  • allocation of school places is based on a number of factors, and school places are determined by the council’s published admissions criteria.
  • if you live on the outskirts of Monmouthshire, your home may not be within an allocated catchment area.
  • please note that private and Welsh schools may have separate admission arrangements to other LEA schools.Please contact the school directly for more information.

Map of catchment areas

Our interactive mapping service allows users to and check their catchment schools and see other local services.