If you’re looking for something to do in Monmouthshire we offer a wide
range of activities and things to do. We have many projects that you can
get involved in, so get involved and make memories that will last a

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was established in 1956 as a programme to
help young people aged 14 – 25 with the transition from adolescence to
adulthood. The award aims to provide and enjoyable, challenging and
rewarding programme of personal development and opportunity for young
people to show willingness to take up a challenge, to persevere and to
achieve across a broad range of activities. A nationally and
internationally recognised programme offering Bronze, Silver and Gold
awards. Remember, the award prides itself on being: non-competitive,
available to all. voluntary, flexible, balanced, progressive and most
importantly enjoyable!

For more information please contact Andrew Woolley:

Tel: 01873 833205

Mobile: 07768421648

Face 2 Face counselling

Face 2 Face Family Counselling is a confidential service which provides
therapeutic support to families who are experiencing difficulties, such as
arguing, fighting, stress, parental divorce, changes in the family
structure or any communication breakdown. Through discussion and
exploration we help families identify alternative ways of addressing the
difficulties and support them in implementing changes where necessary.

For any queries please contact Rebecca Kent:


To be a volunteer you must be 16+, have a desire to work with children and
young people and be able to give a few hours a week/month. Opportunities
are available within all provisions, services throughout Monmouthshire and
the hours are flexible.

Being a volunteer with the Youth Service will:

* Enable you to give something back to your community

* Provide a springboard to future employment

* Five you a chance to share your skill, knowledge and experience with

* Provide you with access to our training opportunities

For more information you can contact Claire Rogers:

E-mail: clairerogers@monmouthshire.gov.uk

Post 16

Monmouthshire Youth Service Post 16 team works with young people aged 16 –
25 throughout the County. The aim of the Post 16 project is to engage and
support young people into education, training or employment and to ensure
their genuine progression. The project co-ordinate effective programmes
throughout the County that have a very positive impact on the young
people, while ensuring that the young people have access to the right
opportunities to reach their full potential.

The Monmouthshire Youth Service Post 16 team offers a range of
opportunities for young people within Monmouthshire:

* Work Based Learning

* Apprenticeship Schemes

* Jobs Growth Wales Scheme within Monmouthshire County Council

* Pastoral Support – Offering one to one support and guidance

* Engagement and Traineeship Programme

Please contact Leanne Ward, Hannah Jones or Poppy Harris for further