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Training Menu 2020

Monmouthshire SpLD Service runs out training courses for all of the schools in the County.  We run these as all day events to all staff, at staff meetings, to small groups and we are happy to advise staff individually on specific programmes.

Currently we have trained in all schools, bar 5, on:

  • Identification of the Dyslexic Child
  • Strategies to help the Dyslexic Child in the Classroom.

We present certificates to those attending the course and keep a data base.

All training offered by the service is available in the medium of Welsh.


We help train staff on specific programmes such as Wordshark , Spelling Mastery, SRA Decoding, Units of Sound, etc  so that work can be backed up by school staff following the SpLD specialist teacher’s lesson. Bespoke training is available on request.

We produce booklets such as Helping the Dyslexic Child in the Classroom.


Monmouthshire SpLD Service – committed to ensuring Monmouthshire schools are Dyslexia Aware.