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Monmouthshire County Council has embarked on a major investment programme through the delivery of its 21st Century Schools strategy.  This is an ‘all schools’ strategy which is designed to deliver sustainable, inclusive and meaningful change to teaching and learning throughout Monmouthshire, encouraging whole communities to reach their full potential and provide all with better life chances.


Sarah McGuinness, Chief Officer for Children and Young People commented that “this really is an exciting time for the whole of Monmouthshire, this programme delivers not only modern teaching and learning environments for our students but provides a civic asset that can benefit the whole community it serves in many ways”.


The first wave of this major £80.0m capital programme will deliver a new secondary school for Monmouth in 2017 on the site of the existing school and positioned at the heart of the community it serves. The proposed new school will provide a number of state of the art inspirational and digitally enriched educational settings which will meet the needs of all our learners.


Tim Bird, Deputy Headteacher at Monmouth Comprehensive, also commented: “We are delighted that the Welsh Government is investing in the future of young people in Monmouth and its surrounding area for generations to come.  As a community we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to design learning environments that match the aspirations and abilities of our inspiring young people.”


The new school, which has secured planning approval, was designed with our chosen contractor, Interserve in collaboration with Monmouthshire County Council, the schools team, students and key stakeholders within the community.

October / November 2015

The ‘Enabling Works’ have started – this is the phase of works that needs to be completed before any new building work can start.

Here’s a letter that our contractor, Interserve, sent to the school’s neighbours outlining the first stage of works.

Monmouth School – Neighbours letter for 09-10-15 ENG

Monmouth School – Neighbours letter for 09-10-15 (WELSH)

Some of the works that will be done over the coming weeks include:

  • Forming a new bell-mouth off Old Dixton Road
  • Forming suitable HGV & Crane access road to temporary school location off Old Dixton Road
  • Widening the all weather pitch gates for pupil muster point
  • Forming a temporary construction car park incl. service ducts, lighting etc
  • Installing the foundations for the temporary school building
  • Installing 34 space car parking off the bus lane

Here are some photos showing early progress:

WP_20151102_13_20_52_Pro WP_20151102_13_24_59_Pro WP_20151102_13_26_59_ProWP_20151105_11_17_49_Pro



Update – 25th November 2015

The main haul road is finished allowing access onto all areas of the site. The contractor car park area has been stoned up and appropriate access and walkway provision created.

The foundations for the temporary school building are progressing well.

IMG_0143 IMG_0149

IMG_150 IMG_151

Update – 15th December 2015

The pad foundations are now complete ready for steel and the erection process has now started.

The car parking off the bus lane is largely complete, with tarmac due in this week

20151210_120737 20151210_120730 20151210_120628 20151210_120603 20151210_115241 20151210_115918 20151210_120358 20151210_120555



Update – 12th January 2016

More pictures of the Temporary School buildings being installed – the move to this accommodation will happen over Easter

WP_20160108_09_41_09_Pro WP_20160108_09_59_51_Pro WP_20160108_09_40_01_Pro WP_20160108_09_39_25_Pro

Update – 24th February 2016

The car parking off the bus lane is now complete. The footpath has now been tarmacked. Around the existing reception area, the pond has now been removed and temporary escape footpath has been installed (in readiness for the temporary fire escape at the end of May). The tree felling works took place over the February half term, to ensure compliance with the nesting seasons.
Here’s some photos of the ‘Temporary School’ being installed at Monmouth Comprehensive School. Some classes will be taught from here after Easter.

20160219_083550 20160219_083730

Update – 24th March 2016

The works to the top floor of the temporary school have now been completed. Over the coming two weeks,
the second phase of the decant from parts of the existing school into the temporary school will complete so that the temporary school is fully operational after the Easter break.

DSC_0037 DSC_0039 DSC_0048

Update – October 2016

Full Steam Ahead at Monmouth and Caldicot Schools. The project has seen the impact of uncertainty in the construction market and cost inflation which has required an additional financial commitment from both Monmouthshire County Council and Welsh Government. Whilst the Monmouth School ‘Enabling Works’ Phase has been progressing the Project Team has been working away to secure the funding and further the design development. The Council approved the additional money on the 20th October and Councillor Liz Hacket Pain, Monmouthshire’s cabinet member for schools and learning had this to say:

“I am so pleased that council recognised the importance of this further investment in our schools.

“I was moved by a letter from Caldicot pupils thanking the council for involving them in the design of the school and our belief in their future.

“This is a very significant economic programme for South East Wales and an important vote of confidence in the local economy as over 85% of contract value has been awarded to firms within 40 miles and 70% of the workforce live in Wales.

“This is extremely good news for the county as a whole and Monmouth in particular as the town gains a new school and swimming pool.”

The Monmouth School site looks dramatically different now that several buildings have been demolished and the New Year period will see the new building taking shape.

Entrance and LRC Main elevation Monmouth North entrance

Diweddariad – Hydref 2016

Ymlaen yn Ddioed yn Ysgolion Trefynwy a Chil-y-Coed. Mae’r prosiect hwn wedi dioddef effeithiau’r ansicrwydd a welir yn y farchnad adeiladu, a’r chwyddiant costau sydd wedi golygu gofyn ymrwymiad cyllidol ychwanegol gan Gyngor Sir Fynwy a Llywodraeth Cymru. Tra bod Cam y ‘Gwaith Galluogi’ wedi symud ymlaen yn Ysgol Trefynwy, mae Tîm y Prosiect wedi bod wrthi’n gweithio at sicrhau’r cyllid ac yn canlyn arni â’r gwaith dylunio. Cymeradwyodd y Cyngor yr arian ychwanegol ar yr 20fed o Hydref a dywedodd y Cynghorydd Liz Hacket Pain, aelod cabinet Sir Fynwy dros ysgolion ac addysg:

“Rwyf mor hapus fod y Cyngor wedi cydnabod pwysigrwydd y buddsoddiad pellach hwn yn ein hysgolion.

“Fe’m cynhyrfwyd i’n fawr gan lythyr oddi wrth ddisgyblion Cil-y-Coed yn diolch i’r Cyngor am iddo roi rhan iddynt yn y broses o ddylunio’r ysgol, ac am ein ffydd yn eu dyfodol.

“Mae’r rhaglen economaidd hon yn un arwyddocaol iawn i Dde Ddwyrain Cymru ac yn bleidlais sylweddol o hyder yn yr ecónomi leol, gan fod mwy nag 85% o werth y contractiau wedi cael ei ddyfarnu i gwmnïau sydd o fewn 40 milltir ac mae 70% o’r gweithlu’n byw yng Nghymru.

“Mae hyn yn newydd ardderchog i’r Sir i gyd, ac i Drefynwy yn enwedig, gan fod y dref ar ei hennill o gael ysgol newydd a phwll nofio.”

Mae golwg dra gwahanol ar safle Ysgol Trefynwy bellach ers i nifer o adeiladau gael eu dymchwel, ac o’r Flwyddyn Newydd ymlaen fe welir yr adeilad newydd yn dechrau ymffurfio.


Update – January 2017

Here comes the new school building: Piling has commenced at Monmouth Comprehensive, new school plateau being formed using the recycled old school buildings and reinforced soil.


Diweddariad – Ionawr 2017

Mae adeilad yr ysgol newydd ar ei ffordd : mae’r gwaith stancio wedi dechrau yn Ysgol Gyfun Trefynwy, gyda llwyfandir ysgol newydd yn cael ei ffurfio yn defnyddio hen adeiladau ysgol wedi eu hailgylchu a phridd wedi ei gyfnerthu.



Update – April 2017

This month heralds a momentous event for the new Monmouth Comprehensive School with the start of the erection of the steel frame. The next 15 months or so will see the completion of the new school ready to be fully occupied for the 2018/19 academic year.

Diweddariad – Ebrill 2017

Mae’r mis hwn yn nodi carreg filltir bwysig i adeilad newydd Ysgol Gyfun Trefynwy gyda dechrau codi’r ffrâm ddur. Caiff y gwaith adeiladu ei gwblhau yn ystod y 15 mis nesaf gyda’r ysgol newydd yn barod i gael eu defnyddio’n llawn ar gyfer blwyddyn academaidd 2018/19.



Press Release – June 2017

Construction on new Monmouth Comprehensive School site takes big step forward


Exciting progress on the site of Monmouthshire County Council’s new comprehensive school for Monmouth has become evident as the construction enters a crucial phase.  The main frame consisting entirely of British steel is being erected and follows impressive site engineering and logistics to prepare for the new secondary school, which will replace the existing provision for the area’s 11 to 18 year olds.


The new £47m secondary school is on schedule and will be ready for occupation at the start of September 2018.  The new school is constructed under the 21st Century Schools and Education Programme – jointly funded by the Welsh Government and the county council – and is part of an agenda that has already delivered a new primary school for Raglan as well as the new secondary school in Caldicot.  This will be ready at the start of the new academic year this September.


Monmouthshire’s cabinet member for Children and Young People, Councillor Richard John said: “I’m delighted to witness such impressive progress as we look forward to the launch of this up to the minute facility for Monmouth and the surrounding area.”


He added: “The 21st Century Schools and Education Programme is not just about bricks and mortar – it’s more than that.  It’s also about adding value to the local community and economy through its Community Benefits Programme.  Our contracting partner, Interserve Construction PLC, is working together with the council, members of the local community and the school to identify opportunities through the programme which include local projects and apprenticeships as well as training and vocational opportunities.”


For more information on the 21st Century Schools Community Benefits Programme log onto:


Datganiad i’r wasg – Mehefin 2017

Gwaith adeiladu ar y safle Ysgol Gyfun Trefynwy newydd yn cymryd cam mawr ymlaen


Mae cynnydd cyffrous ar safle ysgol gyfun newydd Trefynwy Cyngor Sir Fynwy wedi dod yn amlwg wrth i’r gwaith adeiladu gychwyn ar gyfnod hollbwysig.  Mae’r brif ffrâm, sydd yn gyfan gwbl o ddur Prydeinig, yn cael ei chodi ac yn dilyn cyfnod o waith peirianneg safle a logisteg trawiadol er mwyn paratoi ar gyfer yr ysgol uwchradd newydd, a fydd yn cymryd lle’r ddarpariaeth bresennol ar gyfer plant 11 i 18 oed yr ardal.


Mae gwaith adeiladu’r ysgol uwchradd newydd, gwerth £47m, ar amser ac fe fydd yn barod i’w feddiannu ar ddechrau mis Medi 2018.  Mae’r ysgol newydd yn cael ei adeiladu o dan Raglen Ysgolion ar gyfer yr 21ain Ganrif a Chyfalaf Addysg – wedi’i hariannu ar y cyd gan Lywodraeth Cymru a’r cyngor sir – ac mae’n rhan o’r agenda sydd eisoes wedi darparu ysgol gynradd newydd ar gyfer Rhaglan yn ogystal â’r ysgol uwchradd newydd yng Nghil-y-coed.  Bydd hyn yn barod ar ddechrau’r flwyddyn academaidd newydd ym mis Medi eleni.


Dywedodd aelod cabinet Sir Fynwy dros Blant a Phobl Ifanc, y Cynghorydd Richard John:  “Rwyf wrth fy modd i weld cymaint o gynnydd trawiadol wrth i ni edrych ymlaen at lansio’r cyfleuster  newydd fodern hwn ar gyfer Trefynwy a’r cyffiniau.”


Ychwanegodd: “Nid yw Rhaglen Ysgolion ar gyfer yr 21ain Ganrif a Chyfalaf Addysg dim ond yn ymwneud â brics a morter – mae’n fwy na hynny.  Mae hefyd yn ymwneud ag ychwanegu gwerth at y gymuned a’r economi leol trwy ei Raglen Manteision Cymunedol.  Mae ein partner contractio, Interserve Construction PLC, yn cydweithio gyda’r cyngor, aelodau o’r gymuned leol a’r ysgol i ddod o hyd i gyfleoedd drwy’r rhaglen sy’n cynnwys prosiectau a phrentisiaethau lleol yn ogystal â hyfforddiant a chyfleoedd galwedigaethol.”


I gael rhagor o wybodaeth am Raglen Manteision Cymunedol Ysgolion yr 21ain Ganrif, ewch i: