Vehicle Crossings, sometimes known as “dropped kerbs”, facilitate vehicle access from the carriageway to a property by lowering kerbs and strengthening the footway or verge.  

Section 184 of the Highways Act 1980 sets out the requirements for the local authority regarding vehicle access to and from the public highway.

Please note:

  • Please read the guidance notes and procedure before completing the application form  (all related documents can be found below).  The completed form can be emailed to
  • When completing the application form please provide as much information as possible on the sketch, including dimensions of the access into your property.
  • If it is not possible for a crossing to be provided we will advise you in writing.
  • All applications are considered on their individual merits in accordance with local and national guidelines and in the interest of highway safety. In the event you wish to appeal a decision, you may do so in accordance with the footway / verge vehicle crossing – appeal procedure 


Q1  Why do I need a vehicle crossing?

You are not allowed to drive over a footway or verge unless a vehicle crossing has been authorised and constructed correctly.  This is because you may damage the surfacing, kerbs and any pipes or cables that are buried underneath it. The vehicle crossing allows you to pass safely from the carriageway, preventing any obstruction to the highway.  We can also determine whether street furniture needs to be protected in proximity of the access, either by relocating or upgrading existing apparatus.

Q2  How much does it cost to apply?

The total cost for the application is £150.

Please submit payment for the fee with your final application.

Q3  Can anyone construct a vehicle crossing?

Those seeking to construct a vehicle crossing must use an approved contractor. An approved contractor has Streetworks accreditation in accordance with the New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991 and at least £5million public liability insurance.

It is an offence to carry out any works on the public highway without our express permission. Unauthorised vehicle crossings will cause the footway to deteriorate and put those using the footway at risk.

We are able to supply a list of contractors that have previously carried out work in Monmouthshire with the relevant documentation, but it is ultimately up to the applicant to check their contractor is approved.

Application process:

The documents can be found as downloadable .pdf and .doc documents below.  You will need Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word to open them.

guidance notes and procedure
preliminary application form
list of contractors 
footway/verge vehicle crossing – appeal procedure

Request for us to contact you:

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