• Warning about an email scam claiming to be from the Government purporting to offer a tax rebate to support people through the Coronavirus outbreak. The emails, which look official, inform the recipient of the rebate amount and request that they click a link to receive it. At the link, the recipient is asked to fill in personal details, including their credit card number and address. These details allow the scammer to take money directly from the recipient’s bank account.


  • Asking the public to be wary of a new emerging scam involving several ‘coronavirus update’ fake phone apps, which claim to provide updates on the virus. The fake app contains a form of ‘ransomware’, named CovidLock, which upon downloading, locks the phone and displays a message demanding that the user pay a sum of money to unlock it. These apps are available to download from various unofficial websites.


  • Warning the public not to open their doors to bogus healthcare workers claiming to be offering ‘home-testing’ for the COVID-19 coronavirus. Suspicious callers are said to have been knocking on doors of elderly and vulnerable residents in various parts of the UK, saying that they are health officials doing door-to-door testing.


  • Welcoming news from the European Commission that national consumer protection authorities throughout the EU are working together to tackle a rise in rogue traders selling false products online amid the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. This follows news that, since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a rise in rogue traders selling false products online, which allegedly can prevent or cure the new virus.