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Use our interactive map to report a Public Rights of Way problem

Our countryside service is responsible for the public rights of way network (of 1650 km) outside of the Brecon Beacons National Park. The Brecon Beacons National Park Authority are responsible for the 500 km of paths in Monmouthshire within their area.

Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan

The Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP) process helps us to identify and plan priorities. It also helps us plan for improvements to the current access available in the county. It contains Statements of Action to manage public rights of way and improve access to the countryside over the next ten years.

Rights of Way Improvement Plan Review

Public Rights of Way Biodiversity Action

Monmouthshire’s extensive public rights of way network gives access to explore the countryside.  It requires on-going maintenance to ensure public safety and accessibility for all. The network passes through valuable wildlife habitats many of which fall within designated sites which are legally protected and have action plans in place to maintain them. It is essential that biodiversity is considered and taken into account in maintenance operations, improvement schemes and all rights of way work to ensure that it adheres to current UK wildlife legislation.

View our Rights of Way Biodiversity Technical Guide.

Moving or Closing a Public Right of Way

To move or close a public path a formal order is required.

To divert or close a path please contact the countryside access team who can provide advice and ensure that you are able to obtain an application and guidance pack.

Claiming a Public Right of Way

Legislation provides a method of adding new rights of way to the Definitive Map and Statement if substantial evidence in the form of 20 years user evidence and/or historical records exists.  It also provides a mechanism for amending current routes if their status is incorrect or they are recorded on the wrong alignment.  Such cases take a long time to resolve and the authority has a programme of priorities for this work.  For an application/guidance modification pack please contact the countryside section.

Countryside Access Design Guide

Our Countryside Access Design Guide was produced in 2012 with assistance from the Welsh Assembly’s Rights of Way Improvement Grant funding, administered by the Countryside Council for Wales.

This Design Guide has been produced to assist anyone installing countryside furniture in Monmouthshire, be they staff, contractors, volunteers or landowners.

By countryside furniture we mean gaps, gates, stiles, bridges, seats and signs. It not only helps ensure furniture is installed correctly but assists in the correct choice of furniture ensuring the countryside access network offers as little restriction as possible whilst meeting the needs of landowners and users.  It also provides the context of legislation, policies and standards which guide the choice of furniture and contains technical drawings and illustrations with a guide to important details such as hinges and latches.