Care Leavers Discount

The Council has recently agreed to assist care leavers aged between 18 and 25 who are resident in the Monmouthshire area and liable to pay council tax. Up to 100% discount is available to reduce the charges levied from 1st April 2018.  Entitlement is not dependent on income.  If you have left the care system of this or any other local authority, please contact the Revenues Section for further information/advice. Contact details below.

Single occupancy discount

If only one adult (aged 18 or over) lives in the property, providing it is his/her sole or main residence, there will be a discount of 25%.

Reviews are carried out to ensure continued entitlement to this discount. The council works with credit reference agencies to check out the claims as part of a drive against council tax fraud. People who may be incorrectly claiming or who are unsure if they are due a discount should contact Monmouthshire County Council.

A full list of other discounts is available


Reduction for people with disabilities

If someone in your home needs and uses an extra room or extra space because of a disability, you may be able to get a reduction in your bill. You will be charged as if your home was in a lower valuation band.

Discretionary discount

New regulations give councils discretion to reduce the amount of council tax payable in special circumstances where there is particular hardship. (e.g. following flood or fire damage.)

For further advice or information, please contact the council.



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