Tutor : Mary Reed


This is a partially funded course linked with Essential Skills Wales; you will be developing your understanding of Digital Literacy using various tools, websites and storage devices. Topics are generally linked with your own choice of topic using the Internet to search locate and store information. During the course you would gain knowledge in Digital Creativity and Productivity creating graphic documents saving and printing techniques. Digital responsibility is looked into with topics of Internet security passwords and collaborating with other members of the group online. Using Online forms to communicate ideas and information.

This is a mixed ability group beginners are welcome as you would work at your own pace. The course is accredited by Agored Cymru you would gain a certificate in topic studied.

You will be provided with course notes and handouts and with the guidance of the Digital Literacy Tutor; you will produce a portfolio of evidence which after moderation will be your record to keep.


No computing knowledge is expected; but there is ample opportunity to develop existing skills, as this will be a mixed ability group.


Agored Cymru Certificate


Note pad, pens, Storage file, USB storage device, Email address – Tutor will recommend if required


I have been teaching ICT for some years! I obtained my computing qualification in Cardiff University and teaching certificate in Caerleon. I have kept up to date by obtaining my digital literacy teaching qualification. I have attended many courses led by Cannon UK and completed an Open University course on the topic of understanding genealogy.

I teach beginners computing up to level 3 “A” level standard; introducing learners to the digital world using their own devices including digital cameras. My new venture last year was the world of family history and genealogy. This year I am developing courses based around cloud storage and applications.

I enjoy imparting knowledge and sharing student success in their achievements.