Monmouthshire County Council aims to support the community response to COVID-19

Our plan is: –

  1. Using placed based teams we will support community led response groups, we will do this using local and national advice/guidance.  All at arms-length, it is not our place to own community activity but we will definitely help. 
  2. We will support Volunteering for Wellbeing programme to recruit and support volunteers in specific roles.
  3. We will kick start Our Monmouthshire an online community exchange to complement and strengthen the community effort. 

Here is a toolkit resource being developed by Mutual Aid UK for community action groups

For people or organisations interested in supporting the community response. Please contact

Community Education

As a result of government advice on social distancing, all Community Education classes will be postponed after Friday 20th March until further notice.

We will be contacting all learners and tutors directly and appreciate this will be a real disappointment to everyone who participates in our classes but we hope you appreciate the reasons behind this decision.  If you have any questions relating to your class, please contact your local Hub or the contact centre.