Christmas is a time for celebration but it can also be a very lonely time. Some people can feel isolated or worried about poverty, debt, mental health and much more. If you are affected by any issues in the run-up to Christmas, we can link you up with someone who can help.

Monmouthshire County Council aims to support the community response to COVID-19

Our plan is: –

  1. Using placed based teams we will support community led response groups, we will do this using local and national advice/guidance.  All at arms-length, it is not our place to own community activity but we will definitely help. 
  2. We will support Volunteering for Wellbeing programme to recruit and support volunteers in specific roles.
  3. We will kick start Our Monmouthshire an online community exchange to complement and strengthen the community effort. 

Here is a toolkit resource being developed by Mutual Aid UK for community action groups

For people or organisations interested in supporting the community response. Please contact