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Careline is a local service, offering personalised support to people in Monmouthshire. More than a service, Careline helps people to feel safe in their own home, knowing friendly and helpful staff are available any time of the day, any day of the year.

Mrs C, aged 85, living in Caldicot

The lifeline alarm equipment was installed on 6th August 2007 following concerns about her general health.

A recent review on 13th August 2014 confirmed that Mrs C was very happy with the equipment and she outlined that it made her feel safer living at home. She is lucky to have a great deal of support from her  adult children and grandchildren but she did state that the provision of the alarm does also make her children very happy as they know that in the times when they are not able to visit her should there be any issues she is able to press her alarm. She has had to press her alarm a couple of times since installation from an emergency perspective and at the time found that the control centre calling for a doctor and an ambulance relieved her anxiety as they were able to pass on all of her medical information and also they called one of her children who came and stayed with her whilst they waited for emergency services to arrive.  She also has a key safe that the emergency services have used once when her children were not available to attend and she found the control centre only providing the code under these conditions very helpful when her key holder was not available.

careline 5The cost of Mrs C’s equipment is covered in large part by Supporting People funding and she is very grateful for this and although she couldn’t live without the service she feels very relieved that she is able to access funding as she does worry about money.  For this reason she doesn’t understand why people do not want the service and does get annoyed with friends when they find fault with any part of it. The Careline alarm allows Mrs C to continue to live safely, securely and independently without any other need for social care intervention. The alarm she states provides her with confidence that should she need to raise the alarm she could do that immediately at any time of the day and any day of the year and for that she is very grateful.

Mary, Aged 84, from Abergavenny

Mary has lived in Abergavenny all of her life and fondly remembers all of the good times which included the opening of the Open Air Swimming Pool in Bailey Park where 5 Shillings a year bought you a Season Ticket!

Mary’s first job at the age of 14 was on the site that was to become Coopers Filters. A varied work life saw her do a spell of home working when she had her son with work being dropped off in the evenings for  her to complete – a great example of agile working.

The addition of the pendant alarm in 2012 conincided with her cherished husband sadly dying and Mary discusses that the equipment helps both her and her family to feel safer knowing that help is at hand should she need it.

Mary has had serious falls previously with one such fall leading to hospital admission following a fractured pelvis. The addition of GEM waterproof pendants at skirting board height in the bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen help to reassure Mary that should she have a fall in the future a low level pendant will be close by for her to raise the alarm.

careline supportCareline Co-ordinator Sarah Turvey-Barber recently conducted a review which included testing the equipment and updating the control centre with responder information for Mary.

Mary has many complex medical needs which necessitate in taking 19 tablets and doing her own eye drops 4 times a day. All of this is managed with no social care intervention although the Reablement service has proved valuable in the past and care services where a necessity when her husband was very poorly. ‘You just need to get on with it’ states Mary who smiles and laughs as she describes the five times that she has broken her femur. Throughout the review which may have included a slice of home-made Victoria chocolate sponge (with secret ingredient) made especially for her many visitors, Mary reflects back on her life with wisdom and positivity which undoubtedly contributes to her good health.

Having lived at her flat for over thirty years Mary just wants to remain there and reflected with Sarah all of the good times she has had there which included a grandstand view of the recent cycle race through town. The provision of a Careline Alarm with the additional Gem alerts go some way to providing the security and reassurance that should hopefully see Mary remain in her lovely flat for many more years.


Mrs H – ‘Careline has certainly met my expectations and has given me a sense of security’ Feb 17

Carers for Mr B –  ‘ service provides peace of mind for him and us, staff are wonderful and the service enables him to stay at home which is what he wants’ November 16

Mrs W – ‘installation was excellent’ January 17

Mrs S – ‘it gives me more confidence and less fear about not being able to contact anyone should I have a fall’ March 17

Mrs C –  ‘Careline can do nothing better’ May 2017