Anyone living in Monmouthshire can have access to Careline products. From 65p a day you can have a lifeline installed in your home including a pendant that can be worn around the neck or the wrist.

Careline Unit and Pendant from £19.57 per month.

Installation from £45.00

A Careline alarm and pendant can help anyone to live at home safely.  If you press your pendant or Careline unit, you will be connected to a local Control Centre and answered by a trained operator.

The service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Please see products available below. Products might require a home visit before installation.

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bed sensor

Bed Sensor

The bed or chair sensor sends an alert if you are not in bed, out of bed or away from bed for set time periods.

View the bed sensor brochure

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide detector

If gas is detected, this device shuts off the supply and sends an alert to a nominated person.

View the gas management brochure

HeatSmoke Detector image

Heat and Smoke detector

This device sets off an alarm like any normal smoke detector but also sends a signal to a 24 hour support line to check on your safety.

View the smoke detector brochure

Falls Detector image

Falls Detector

If a problem is detected, a two-way conversation is made.

View the falls management solutions brochure

flood detector

Flood Detector

The flood detector has three sensors. When two of the three sensors get wet, an alarm is activated.

View the flood management brochure

Vi Actual HI RES

Lifeline Vi

You can call for help at any time by pressing the button.

View the Lifeline brochure

Other products: