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Property History Search

If you are selling your property we can carry out a basic search to provide you with the Building Regulations history of your property. The information revealed will be any building works carried out in the last 15 years and any works shown as under construction prior to 15 years.

For £16.50 (includes VAT), we can provide you with Building Regulations application reference numbers, application received dates, the description of work(s), the status of the applications and whether a Completion certificate has been issued.

Please send in your request via email to Please supply us with the full address including postcode, a site plan, and payment to prevent delay.

To pay for your search please open up this guidance before clicking here to pay. Use the first line of your address as a reference.

If you require a Completion Certificate 

A Completion Certificate is sent out after the works have been completed to a satisfactory standard. If you have not received your Completion Certificate, please contact your surveyor who will check the application records. You may need to have a final inspection before the Certificate is issued.

If you have mislaid your Completion Certificate, please contact or call us on 01633 644833 / 01633 644836 / 01633 644837.  

There is a £33.00 charge (includes VAT) for a duplicate Certificate. You can pay here for the duplicate certificate. Please use the first line of your address or the Building Regulations reference number as the payment reference.