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Each year we have the difficult task of setting a budget that will not put further pressures on taxpayers and will not negatively impact on services either.

We take our responsibility to manage public funds very seriously. We work with councillors and colleagues in other departments to ensure the sound financial management of services for the people of Monmouthshire.

We fund the following:

  • Education: we educate 11,940 pupils in 39 schools
  • Adult social services: we work with approximately 2,000 people in Monmouthshire
  • Highways, traffic & development: we maintain 1,600km of roads; 850 bridges; 11,000 street lights; and 35 car parks with 3,400 car parking spaces
  • Community learning and leisure: we provide a range of leisure, cultural and learning opportunities through six libraries; one theatre; four museums; 4 leisure centres; nine adult learning sites; 12 youth clubs and many parks and open spaces
  • Cleansing and waste management: we carry out kerbside refuse collections from every household every week. Our street cleansing fleet comprises three large and 5 small sweepers plus 6 manual sweepers. We also operate 4 litter response crews. We are set to exceed Welsh Government’s waste management recycling target of 40% in 2009/10
  • Children’s social services: we deal with approximately 550 people each year and receive over 2,000 contracts
  • Revenues and benefits: tax collection, benefits, technology and audit service the needs of approximately 9,500 benefit claimants; 39,200 council tax payers and 2,900 business rate payers
  • Fire service: we, and other local authorities in South Wales, fund the South Wales Fire and Rescue services
  • We also contribute to the funding of the Coroners Service; the Brecon Beacons National Park and the Lower Wye and Wentlog Drainage Boards for flood defence work

Detailed information

Monmouthshire County Council has a shared service partnership (The SRS) for it’s ICT services, operating under an MOU. This service is shared by Gwent Police, Monmouthshire, Torfaen, Newport and Blaenau Gwent and each partner contributes to the core service as described on the SRS web site above. As a partnership, the SRS is not classed as an external contractor but as an amalgamation of the employees and infrastructure formerly sitting within the respective partner organisations.