Monmouthshire County Council budget engagement 

We are currently engaging with communities throughout January 2019 on the 19/20 Budget Proposals.

The proposals have  been put together amidst a set of challenging circumstances where the council continues to face significant financial challenges, in terms of further reduced funding from Welsh Government as well as significant and unavoidable pressures.

The budget proposals look to support the priorities of the council. Specifically, they seek to recognise in full all pay and pension-related spending pressures in its schooling system and the increasing demand placed on children’s social care services.  The budget proposals see a continuation of the council’s preparedness to challenge all services to improve rather than to see the closure of services that matter to citizens. There is an acknowledgement that when things close they never return and it is better to scale back rather than absolutely withdraw. In overall terms there are some £5.7 million of new unavoidable pressures that needed to be accommodated for the 2019/20 budget.

It is never popular to charge for services but the reality is that the council needs to do so. It proposes increases in a number of areas. Likewise, increasing council tax is never popular but with the retreat of Welsh Government funding, local taxation is by default having to shoulder a greater proportion of overall funding. These budget proposals assume a council tax rise of 5.95% for 2019/20 and 3.95% for the remaining years of this council.

The proposals will lead to changes in a number of areas which could impact on residents.  The proposed changes include:

  • Household Waste and Recycling Centrewhere the council will introduce the use of permits for Monmouthshire residents. No charge will be paid for the permit. They are aimed to reduce use by the public from neighbouring counties. In turn, the permits will reduce the waiting times at Monmouthshire sites for residents.  The council is also considering limited day closures at its recycling centres, the pattern proposed avoiding weekend closures.
  • Recycling bags – proposals to introduce new reusable hard wearing polypropylene plastic bags which will end the use of red and purple single use bags.  This will improve the quality of material collected for onward recycling as well as reduce the use of single use plastics. The bags will hold more recycling and create an increase in kerbside recycling.
  • Food Waste recycling – which looks to increase and encourage more households to recycle food waste using recycled plastic bags.
  • Changes to car parking charges – where proposals include amendments to the current charging regime and introduction of charging at Severn Tunnel Junction.
  •  Introduce a trust model with Tourism, Leisure and Culture services (MonLife)

Frequently Asked Questions

Budget 19/20 Presentation

Monmouthshire Budget 19/20 Presentation

A comprehensive list of all the proposals are below:

Medium Term Financial Plan 2022 /23 Budget process 19 /20

Budget Proposals 2019/20

Equality and Future Generations Evaluation

For a comprehensive overview of the proposals please see reports below:

Draft 2019-20 Revenue Budget Proposals – appendix 1 – summary pressures

Draft 2019-20 Revenue Budget Proposals – appendix 2 – summary savings and income

App 3 – 20181219 Cabinet – Draft 2019-20 Revenue Budget Proposals for consultation – Appendix 3 – pr

App 4 – 20181219 Cabinet – Draft 2019-20 Revenue Budget Proposals for consultation – Appendix 4 – sa

App 5 – 20181219 Cabinet – Draft 2019-20 Revenue Budget Proposals for consultation – Appendix 5 – FG

Cllr Phil Murphy has taken time to share information about the Monmouthshire Budget 19/20 proposals.

Have your say

We would like to hear your thoughts. A series of meetings will be taking place so you can come along hear more about the budget and share your thoughts.

The following engagement events will be taking place with more to follow:

  • Access for All Forum – Friday 25th January 2019, 10.30am – 12.30pm at The Memorial Hall, Usk.

The forum is an opportunity is a valuable platform to enable people with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities and older people from across Monmouthshire to have their voice heard, receive information and contribute to consultation and engagement processes.

Communities are welcome to attend Area Committee forums to hear information based on their locality.

  • Lower Wye Area Committee 23rd January 10.00am – Chepstow Leisure Centre
  • Severnside Area Committee 23rd January 1.00pm  –  Innovation House Magor
  • Central Mon Area Committee 30th  January 10.00 am – Monmouthshire County Council – County Hall, Usk.
  • North Monmouthshire Area Committee 30th January –  1.00pm  Abergavenny Town Hall.
  • Public Meeting King Henry VIII School on Tuesday 29th January 6.30pm – 7.30pm
  • Public Meeting Chepstow Hub on Wednesday 30th January 6.30pm – 7.30pm.

A survey is available to share feedback visit: Monmouthshire Budget 19/20

If you require more information about the engagement process please contact

  • Public consultation commences – Wednesday 19th December  2018 – Thursday January 31st 2019
  • Monmouthshire Budget set – Thursday 7th March.

The thoughts of Cllr Peter Fox OBE, Leader of the Council 

‘I encourage residents to take the opportunity to take a look at our proposals. For many years we have been hit by the Welsh Government Settlement and this year is no exception. We will continue to try our best to provide services for our communities but with this comes with challenges and changes. I urge residents to read about the changes and come along to a forum or meeting to hear how we are working to make savings, not lose services.’