The Housing Strategy Team manage the Social Housing Grant programme, which enables the delivery of affordable housing in Monmouthshire.

By utilising Social Housing Grant and working with our partner Registered Social Landlords, we are able to provide affordable homes across the county.

There are different affordable housing options available, these are Social Rent, Intermediate Rent, Low Cost Home Ownership and Rent to Own.

There may also be the option for local people to build their own affordable home to meet their own housing needs in certain circumstances through the rural exceptions policy, more information is available in the ‘Build Your Own Affordable Home’ policy.

We also work with colleagues in the Planning Department to ensure that all S106 contributions are made in line with the current Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance

There is a shortage of affordable housing in Monmouthshire, the average property price is £336,760 (Hometrack -09/2020), this is a level which is beyond the affordability of many local people and many first time buyers find themselves priced out of the market. The cost of private rented accommodation has increased and market rent levels are higher than many local people can afford. These pressures mean thousands of households have registered on Monmouthshire Homesearch are are waiting to access affordable housing. Further information on the need for Affordable Housing can be found in the Council’s Local Housing Market Assessment

For further information, please contact:

Sally Meyrick – Strategy & Policy Officer – Affordable Housing

Tel: 07970 957 039