Advocacy is one way of supporting people to express what they want from support and services, and
to have this taken into account when decisions are being made that affect them. Advocacy services
are there to support citizens with a wide range of issues, including participation in social services
processes. Advocates ensure that individuals’ views, wishes and feelings are heard giving them more
voice, choice and control in decision making processes.

Grant funded through the Integrated Care Fund, the Gwent Access to Advocacy (GATA) helpline has
been developed to provide a free, single point of access to advocacy support for citizens and care
professionals in Gwent. Fully trained advisors provide information, advice and support and make
appropriate referrals to adult advocacy services across the Gwent region.

The free helpline is available 10am-3pm Monday-Friday on 0808 801 0566.
Further information is available on the website: