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The case against the operators of Marmaris Kebab House in Abergavenny was heard at Newport Magistrates Court last Wednesday. The operators of the business when the offences occurred pleaded guilty to charges under food safety legislation presented by the Environmental Health Department of MCC. 11 people were hospitalised and over 50 were unwell in total after consuming contaminated food from the business in February 2023. A wide ranging investigation by food officers from MCC, along with expert advice from Public Health Wales, culminated in an epidemiological study which positively linked the cases of illness to the business. Further offences for failing to register new owners at the business and failing to maintain a suitable food safety management system also resulted in guilty pleas. The business is now under new ownership. A further hearing for sentencing will be held on September 6th 2024.

Our food safety team always endeavour to work with businesses to ensure all our food outlets are operating at the highest possible food safety standards. This relies on an open and positive relationship with the very wide range of food businesses found within our county. It is essential that any new food business engages with us at the earliest opportunity to get the best advice on how to start and maintain a safe and successful business. Any significant changes to the business must be notified to our Environmental Health department.

A range of measures are available to the department to deal with non-compliance. Prosecution is a last resort but will always be considered when serious breaches of legislation are discovered. This case also highlights the importance of keeping in contact with the food safety team to get the appropriate advice.