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Primary school pupils learned about farming and agriculture first-hand at Langtons Farm as part of the Welsh Veg for Schools project.

Ten primary schools are part of the pilot project to develop new local agroecological supply chains into schools, specifically on locally supplied vegetables.

Eight of the ten schools recently visited Langtons Farm to learn more about the supply chain and gain experience in planting and harvesting vegetables that will supply their school lunch.

During their visit, the pupils had the opportunity to plant onion sets and garlic bulbs and tour the farm. With the help of farm owner Katherine, the pupils also harvested fresh carrots from the soil before washing and eating them. This experience helped them gain a better understanding of where their food comes from. They also discussed their favourite foods and school dinners. All the children who participated in the visit received a ‘soup bag’ with fresh organic potatoes, leeks, onions, garlic, and stock cubes that they could use to make nutritious leek and potato soup with their families for dinner.

“We all need to eat more greens! Eating Vegetables are key to a healthy, sustainable diet. Helping our children eat more delicious and  nutritious fruit and veg grown here in Wales is good for them, the planet and all our futures. This ongoing project is a fantastic opportunity for Monmouthshire County Council to support the environment and the local economy and give our children hands-on food production experience. We are delighted to be part of it.”


Cllr Mary Ann Brockelsby

Monmouthshire County Council’s Leader

Welsh Veg in Schools is a pilot project that aims to develop new local agroecological supply chains into schools – specifically focusing on veg. Led by Food Sense Wales the Welsh Veg in Schools pilot is supported by Welsh Government Foundational Economy funding and critical partners include Food Partnerships, Local Authorities and Health Boards covering Cardiff, Carmarthenshire and Monmouthshire along with wholesaler, Castell Howell, a number of enthusiastic growers as well as Farming Connect Horticulture.

Monmouthshire Food Partnership

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