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An event to celebrate the culmination of Meals on Wheels week was held in Abergavenny recently.

Meals on Wheels Week (30 October to 3 November, 2023) is an annual initiative which seeks to raise awareness about the invaluable services provided to our older and vulnerable community members to have nutritional meals in their own home, or via lunch clubs and day centres.

These services ensure access to nutritious meals and offer vital human interaction and wellbeing checks, enabling individuals to maintain their independence.

On Friday, 3rd November 2023, a Friday Friends Lunch Club event was held at Mardy Park Resource Centre in Abergavenny.

Friday Friends aims to emphasise the significance of social dining in combating loneliness and social isolation. It’s an opportunity for our community members to come together, share a meal, and enjoy each other’s company.

As part of the event, there was a focus on Mardy Park delivering nutritional meals using locally produced vegetables – many grown in its grounds by Growing Spaces, a project supporting adults with learning disabilities or mental health issues.

Some of these vegetables were used as part of the event.

Ian Chandler, Cabinet Member for Social Care, Safeguarding and Accessible Health Services, said: “It was wonderful to have a look round Mardy Park to see all the work they do and also to mark the end of Meals on Wheels week.

“The staff at Mardy Park provide a vital service to so many people in Abergavenny.

“Events like the Friday Friends Lunch Club provide so much more than food to those who attend. Long may they continue.”

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