More than £1.8 million pound is being invested in services to support vulnerable children in Monmouthshire thanks to a funding package from the Welsh Government,

The funding is part of the Children Communities Grant, which aims to address the support needs of the most vulnerable children and adults in Monmouthshire’s communities through a range of early intervention, prevention and support mechanisms via the delivery of a range of bespoke services.

It comes as the council looks to reinforce its commitment to making sure all young people have the very best start to life, especially during the challenging period communities have faced in the past 12 months.

The investment from the Children Communities Grant also reinforces the council’s strategic priority as laid out in the Wellbeing Plan, Corporate Plan & Social Justice Strategy of ‘Providing Children & Young People with the Best Possible Start in Life’. The support is offered through several services, which are delivered in conjunction with Monmouthshire partners and include;

  • Flying Start
  • Families First
  • Communities 4 Work +
  • Childcare and Play
  • Promoting Positive Engagement with Young People
  • St. David’s Fund

Evidence shows the pandemic has amplified and accelerated issues that were present in communities across Wales, however these are now also impacting people who were previously not deemed vulnerable or known to services. 

Monmouthshire has also seen a sharp increase in unemployment and homelessness across the county and as such, the impacts of poverty are now starting to become apparent in more families who, prior to COVID, were ‘just about managing’ but who have since been tipped into material deprivation.

People in need or those facing challenging circumstances are being urged to access the help to ensure they receive the full support available to them.

Cabinet Member for Community Wellbeing and Social Justice, Councillor Lisa Dymock said: “Investing in services and projects aimed at supporting our vulnerable families is a key priority, especially following the difficult time we have faced due to the pandemic. That support is vital and the range of projects and services available at Monmouthshire County Council and partners means we can continue to offer a joined up approach to supporting people and to make sure no one falls through the gap. I’m delighted we have been able to utilise this funding and invest in supporting young people and families across the county who need it the most.”

For more information regarding the support available please visit: