Like many 8-year-olds, A has many dreams and wishes, she wants to try new things like horse-riding and gymnastics and do simple things like learning how to swim. Like many young girls, A would love a little puppy to play with and to have someone to do arts and crafts with. Just like any child, A deserves a loving caring home and someone to help her face the challenges that any young person faces while growing up.

In the lead up to Foster Care Fortnight on May 10th 2021, Foster Monmouthshire is calling on kind, caring people to come forward as a foster carer to support A and offer her the safety and comfort that every young girl needs.

Monmouthshire’s Chief Officer for Social Care and Health Julie Boothroyd said: “A has faced a significant amount of instability in her short time in our care. She has been in residential care since Christmas, which has left her often feeling lost and scared.

“A has some challenges, she has sensory issues and sometimes has big emotions which she needs a patient, kind and loving family to help her manage. She is constantly described as polite, someone who loves cuddles and is chatty with a sense of humour. A likes spending time with people,  she loves animals and particularly enjoys arts and crafts, singing and drama. She has a close relationship with her brother who is also living with foster carers that we very much want to support. She is often described by people who spend time with her as kind, bright and insightful. As a young person, A is keen to please and always wants to find ways of being helpful.

“More than anything A needs the love, support and patience that comes with having a stable home where she is the only child, and with caring people around her. She needs someone who won’t give up on her and who can give her the love and attention she needs and deserves.

“We know there is someone out there who can give this little girl the love and support she needs. You will get 24 hours support from a team who will be with you every step of the way and provide you with all the support and training that you need. Fostering does come with its challenges but it can be the most rewarding thing you will ever do. It is an opportunity to change the future. As a MyST therapeutic foster carer you will be given excellent support, training and a salary.”

For anyone wanting to find out more about fostering A or the training and support available to MyST therapeutic foster carers please visit: