Pupils will make the return to school from tomorrow, Thursday 3rd September 2020. Ahead of their return, Council Leader Peter Fox has shared his well-wishes with pupils and outlined the council’s back to school plans.

“Monmouthshire’s school staff are busy preparing to welcome learners back to school safely. Pupils are gradually returning to school from Thursday 3rd September and all pupils will be back by the 14th September.  This is a really important part of us getting back to more normal routines.  I am conscious that for many of our children this will be their first, extended time in school since the 20th March and this is a big change – some will be very excited but for some this will be an unsettling time. School staff are doing all they can to ensure that all schools are warm, welcoming environments where children and young people can enjoy seeing their friends again.  Please follow @MonmouthshireCC on Facebook and Twitter where any updates about back to school information will be shared.  

We have had to make some decisions in the last week regarding when our secondary age pupils should wear face coverings.  In order to ensure that everyone is as safe as they can be and, because we are unable to ensure that students are two metres apart on a bus, we have decided that all secondary aged pupils will have to wear a face covering on school transport (unless they have been told they cannot wear a face covering).  Secondary schools will advise pupils on whether there are any circumstances when they should wear a mask in the communal areas of the school.  As the term goes on, we will review all of the measures we have in place to make sure that our children are safe and able to learn.  

With the school run recommencing, we know that more cars will be on Monmouthshire’s roads again. I would like to remind parents that leaving your car running has a huge impact on the environment causing harmful fumes to be pumped into the air. We are launching a new campaign to raise awareness of the pollution caused by cars left idling when waiting or when dropping off outside schools. Our simple message is turn off your vehicle and let’s enjoy our county fume-free!

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our learners good luck as they start a new school term. Although the classrooms might look a little different and some things might have changed, the opportunity to learn, thrive and build friendships remains the same so make the most of it. “