Staff from Monmouthshire Flying Start received expert advice and a hands on Physical Literacy training session from Monmouthshire Sport Development Team on Monday 3rd June at The Acorn Centre, Abergavenny.

Physical Literacy (developing skills such as running, jumping, hopping, throwing and catching) is essential for any sport or physical activity.  The team have provided the Physical Literacy Pre School programme with over 33 childcare settings in Monmouthshire for the last four years, in partnership with the Healthy Schools Network, this session was an extension to the existing provision. Flying Start is a Welsh Government funded programme for preschool children and families. The training complements the varied activity sessions that take place in Flying Start settings. 

The Sports Development Team provided valuable insight in to the importance of developing fundamental skills from an early age to provide the confidence and competence to take part in sport and physical activity for the rest of their lives.

Staff were engaged in a presentation on Anatomy and Physiology focusing on facts and figures to highlight the impact that regular exercise and physical activity can have to reduce the onset of preventable health conditions. A hands on session followed which saw Flying Start Staff raise their own heart rates with a series of fun games to highlight how exercise can be fun. Staff were impressed with the sessions praising the day as fantastic.

Cllr Richard John Cabinet Member for Leisure and Children and Young People said:

‘I am so pleased to see the Sports Development Team working in partnership with Flying Start to transfer skills to help our future generations. The development of fundamental skills such as running, jumping, hopping, throwing and catching are essential for any sport or physical activity is integral to happy and healthy life. The work of the Flying Start and other childcare providers in essential to provide rounded opportunities for our children and parents to embed positive wellbeing messages.’

‘Children need to be given lots of opportunities to develop skills from an early age to ensure they are confident and competent to take part in physical activity for the rest of their lives. The development of these skills is referred to as Physical Literacy, the fundamental skills that form the building blocks for lifelong engagement in regular physical activity. Monmouthshire Sports Development Team have been outstanding in enabling children from 4- 18 to gain skill and opportunities. I am so pleased to see the programme transferred to preschool children.

Monmouthshire Sports Development Team provide a wealth of activities for children and young people. The very popular Mon Games are a highlight of many young people’s holidays. For more information about the team contact Paul Sullivan: 

Email:, call 07825 853882 or visit to find out more about the Mon Games.