County Councillors from Monmouthshire County Council have been visiting schools across the county. The visits have taken place during Local Democracy Week and aimed to inspire children to have their voices heard.

Pupils have participated a variety of interactive games and activities to find out about makes a good councillor, raising awareness of their roles and responsibilities and sharing the importance of having a say on things in their community that will affect them.

Elected members in Monmouthshire have a passion for engaging with people of all ages. Local Democracy Week took place 15th – 21st October and provided a perfect opportunity to promote the importance of having a voice heard.

Members visited a range of schools. In the north of the county Cllr Tudor Thomas and Cllr Roger Harris visited Llanvihangel Primary School. Cllr Sara Jones and Cllr Maureen Powell joined pupils at Llanfoist Fawr.

Pupils from Osbaston CIW Primary School received a visit from Cllr Sara Jones, Cabinet Member for Social Justice and Community Development and Cllr Penny Jones Cabinet Member for Social Care and Safeguarding. Pupils were keen to share what they felt were the most important qualities of a good County Councillor.

In the South of the county Cllr Jo Watkins visited Rogiet Primary and Cllr Easson and Cllr Dave Evans, along with a Town Councillor, went along to Dewstow Primary School.

Children and councillors participated in fun activities, to reinforce that being a councillor isn’t just a popularity contest. Pupils were asked to pick the best celebrity to be a councillor by firstly looking at the qualities needed to be an effective councillor and then transferring these to the celebrities.

Councillor Sara Jones said: ‘I am so pleased that schools welcomed us in to their classrooms. It was great to see fellow members taking time to listen to the children in their wards. Local Democracy Week is a useful opportunity to plant a seed about the importance of having a voice and hopefully will lead to more young people using their vote when the time comes.’