Monmouthshire’s communities have embraced the challenges brought by severe weather and have shown remarkable spirit to go above and beyond to help neighbours and strangers cope with snow-filled days.

 Local heroes reside in every town and village and Monmouthshire has more than most.  Residents have taken to social media to offer help with snow clearance and shopping as well as taking nurses and patients to and from hospital.  Responses to posts on social media have been incredible.

 Resident Lesley Long shared her local snow hero story on the council’s Facebook page.  She said: “Steve Halford and his colleague Jake attended my elderly neighbour who had an urgent medical need last night.  She had waited a considerable time and called me in search of someone with a 4×4 to get her to hospital.  I contacted Steve, he responded within 10 minutes and he and Jake took her to hospital in their four-wheel drive.  I honestly don’t know what we would have done without them as the situation was becoming serious.  They are definitely my snow heroes.”

 Pwllmeyric resident Nicola Foulkes said: “My neighbour has MS and her carers walked from Chepstow to the village to visit her – and even brought some flowers!”

 Residents from Leechpool near Portskewett were among the many who took to the byways and streets on the weekend to clear paths and roads.  Richard Cornock thanked Simon Stone and Mark Taylor for their assistance on their tractors.

 Chris Taylor of Caldicot who posted his availability to transport home carers or anyone stranded was nominated for hero status by Samantha Stewart.  Ms Stewart said: I think it’s hugely important for people to know about what Chris is doing.  He’s taking carers to their calls and nurses to hospitals.  I think he needs to be recognised as an amazing member of our community.”

 Another four-wheel owner, Ed Jones from Abergavenny spent five hours on Friday night driving nurses to and from Nevill Hall including a journey to Cardiff.

 In seven days over 900 tonnes of salt and grit have been used by the council’s highways teams, some of which has been spread with the help of local volunteers.  Operatives at Llanfoist Depot were helped by local resident and snow hero Gareth Clarke.  Unable to get to work he offered his assistance and with a trusted snow scoop cleared footpaths around the village.

 Cabinet Member for Social Justice and Community Development Councillor Sara Jones said; “It’s been so fantastic to see people coming together.  I knew we had strong communities but this shows how resilient they are in challenging times.  Some of the stories are heart-warming and I would like to thank each and every person who has taken time out to think of others.  They say actions speak louder than words and in these instances they are overwhelming.”